JHJ Global enhances your security profile and provide you with tested security solutions. We have partnered in South Africa with the following subject matter experts to provide integrated security solutions.

Risk management

It is important for an organisation to recognise and prioritise significant risks and identify the weakest critical controls.

Security organizational design

We assess and help streamline organisational systems to make security personnel and operations the most effective and efficient they can be.

Business continuity & crisis management

JHJ Global will help you to identify potential risks, make preparations for emergencies, and test how your business is likely to cope in a disaster.

Safety & security master planning

The best risk management plans begin with a complete overview of security processes, systems, and procedures, and how they're integrated into your daily operations and the organisation as a whole.

Integrated force provision

Through our partnership with Duke SA Pty Ltd, we can provide you with specialised non-lethal force equipment to counter your risks.

Journey management

JHJ Global's secure journey management makes it possible to fulfil your legal obligations while making sure travellers are well supported and at ease - no matter how complicated the journey.


We have gained the required specialized knowledge and skill-sets through
more than 50 years of combined experiences and sometimes in hostile
environments in Africa, South America and the Middle East. With our
passion to Security & Risk Management, we can provide you with highest
standard integrated security solutions.

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