JHJ Global Integrated Risk Management Solutions JHJ offers a broad range of integrated Security, Risk, Health, and Safety services, through our own expertise and that of our partners,  to not only enhance the safety and security profile of your business, but also provide you with tried-and-tested, fit-for-purpose integrated solutions.

JHJ Global have partnered in South Africa with the various subject matter experts to provide integrated safety and security solutions. We offer a broad range of integrated services, through our own inhouse expertise and that of our partners.

Our company’s product portfolio serves the entire fire and security market incorporating all verticals and we have an established reference base from the private sector to the public sector. Quality, reliability, sustainability, and efficiency are a key driving forces in terms of the products we import and distribute. Our core business is project-based distribution which focuses on the commercial and industrial sector and the quality of our integrations, designs and products have enabled us to secure many large contracts and tenders globally.


We have gained the required specialized knowledge and skill sets through more than 50 years of combined experiences and sometimes in hostile
environments in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. With our passion for Safety, Security and Risk Management, JHJ Global will provide you with highest standard of integrated safety and security solutions.

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